House Rules

During your stay as a guest at Kovačine Camp, you are obligated to comply with the following rules:

  1. On arrival to the camp, every guest is obligated to check in at the reception desk. At check-in, the guest undertakes to present the identity documents of all persons who will be staying at the camp, as well as vehicle registration for entry into the camp. All guests shall be presented with a wristband which they are obligated to wear throughout their stay at the camp. The reception desk personnel will help you put on your wristband on the day of arrival and take it off on the day of departure. Loss of or damage to the wristband will be charged according to the valid price list.
  2. On arrival, the guest may enter the mobile home or “Tamaris” room from 5:00 p.m. on, and the pitch from 2:00 p.m.
  3. The control number provided at the reception desk shall be prominently displayed on the campervan/tent for control purposes.
  4. Guests who have not checked in are obligated to pay the price of at least a three-day stay, in accordance with the camp’s price list.
  5. Guests are free to choose their desired spot within the camp, with the exception of pitches booked and confirmed in advance. The management of the camp reserves the right to intervene and relocate guests.
  6. Relocation of guests to another pitch is allowed only with the approval of the reception desk. First relocation at the request of the guest is free of charge. Any additional relocation is charged in accordance with the valid price list.
  7. Only nudists (naturists) are allowed to stay in the naturist part of the camp.
  8. Children’s playgrounds, sports grounds and fitness within the camp are used at one’s own risk.
  9. The berths in the camp may be used strictly according to the “Terms of Use of Anchorages and Berths at Kovačine Camp”.
  10. The pool may be used strictly in accordance with the “Pool House Rules”.
  11. Trailers may only be kept in the specially enclosed and marked part of the camp and are charged according to the camp’s price list. It is not permitted to keep trailers on your own pitch or someone else’s pitch within the camp, on the side of the road, in unmaintained areas or the camp parking lot. Trailers parked in a prohibited location within the camp will be transported to their designated proper location by the camp staff. The camp assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to the trailer during transport. Transport of trailers shall be charged according to the camp price list.
  12. Dogs are allowed to swim only in the dog-friendly part of the beach, and be washed only in the designated area of the sanitary facilities.
  13. Night rest at the camp is from 12:00 a.m. (midnight) to 6:00 a.m., and afternoon rest is from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. It is not allowed to make noise, sing, etc. during night and afternoon rest. If necessary, the times may be shortened in case of organised parties in the camp.
  14. Payments are made on the day of departure or earlier.
  15. Guests staying on pitches shall make their payments by 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure and leave the camp by noon. Guests staying in mobile homes and “Tamaris” rooms shall make their payments and leave the camp by 10:00 a.m. The guests will otherwise be charged an extra day of stay. Guests are obligated to leave their accommodation in clean condition.
  16. Guests with booked stays on pitches shall be charged as follows for early departures and late arrivals announced within 14 days prior to arrival (prices are quoted in EUR):
    Fees for late arrivals or early departures – for pitch accommodation 1 July – 15 September
    for two days 35.00
    for three days 70.00
    for four days 105.00
    for five or more days 140.00
      The prices are quoted in EUR.

    Changes of already confirmed bookings for stays on pitches within 14 days prior to arrival are possible only in written form. After the camp or the Sales Sector confirms the change in booking in writing, additional costs shall be charged (depending on the number of days changed) to ensure the camp operations run smoothly. The camp reserves the right to offer pitches, mobile homes or rooms to other interested customers after 24 hours of the confirmed date of arrival, unless the change in booking was expressly (in writing) announced and confirmed. Guests who fail to announce a late arrival shall not be entitled to compensation nor accommodation that was previously confirmed. Late arrivals or early departures by guests staying in mobile homes or “Tamaris” rooms shall be charged the full amount of stay confirmed in the booking.

  17. In case guests other than those stated in the booking are staying on the pitch we shall treat each change as a new booking and charge the related costs accordingly. The mentioned costs do not relate to members of the immediate family (parents, spouses, children).
  18. You are obligated to notify the reception desk of any changes in the use of services during your stay.
  19. Upon departure, guests shall return to the reception desk everything entrusted to them. Otherwise they shall pay compensation in accordance with the valid price list.
  20. The safe is located at the reception desk. The camp assumes no responsibility for any loss of valuables. The management of the camp is not responsible for lost or stolen items or damage to persons or their property not directly (proven to be) connected to the negligence of camp staff nor damage caused by severe weather conditions or circumstances beyond our control.
  21. Guests are obligated to handle, use and store all devices pertaining to the camp with care.
  22. Any installation failures and other services (gas bottle refills, power cuts, etc.) shall be reported to the reception desk or by telephone at +385 (0)51 571 423.
  23. In order to preserve the ecosystem of our camp, it is strictly forbidden to:
    1. damage trees or plants
    2. drive nails into trees
    3. install satellite antennas on trees or plants
    4. hang plastic or wire ropes on or around trees or plants
    5. pick plants from landscaped areas or similar
  24. Use water and electricity economically and rationally.
  25. Help protect the environment by disposing of waste in designated waste containers.
  26. The following is not permitted within the area of the camp:
    1. fencing or other actions that modify the original layout of the pitch
    2. driving in the camp during night rest
    3. lighting an open fire, except in areas designated for that purpose
    4. car or boat washing within the area of the camp or beaches, except in areas designated for that purpose
    5. disturbing other guests with noisy behaviour
    6. anchoring vessels on the beach, riding boats and motorboats close to the beach
    7. keeping dogs off the leash
    8. swimming in the berth zone
  27. Guests are obliged to use marked and designated paths when moving around the camp, and to avoid any types of shortcuts or jumping over low walls, fences, etc.
  28. Visits are allowed providing no use of vehicles and only in case of appropriate check-in at the entrance – reception desk and payment according to the valid price list.

Information on filing complaints by the guest (consumer) is available at the reception desk. The management of the camp reserves the right to remove any person causing disturbance or undermining safety in the camp or not complying with these House Rules.

Management of the camp

Reception desk telephone: +385 51 571 423
Sales Office telephone: +385 51 573 150
Fax: +385 51 571 086