Island wealth and the skills of our ancestors

Otočno bogatstvo i tehnike naših predaka - Aktivnosti - Kamp Kovačine, Otok Cres -m

For a truly authentic experience, we invite you to join us on a creative journey of felting, organised in collaboration with the Ruta-Cres organisation! Step into the shoes of our ancestors from Cres and take part in a free workshop for making felted wool flowers, which is organised by the camp on Saturdays. The workshop is intended for people of all ages so the whole family can learn together about this fascinating material that our ancestors have worked with for centuries.

Discover the beauty of nature as an inexhaustible source of creativity.


Trails across Cres

Stazama kroz Cres - Aktivnosti - Kamp Kovačine, Otok Cres -m

Let the untouched nature of the island take your breath away! The Seven Labyrinths Trail will take you along winding roads of the fascinating Cres labyrinths. By taking the Macmalić Trail or the Fairy Trail you will get the chance to learn everything about the unique ecological treasure trove of the island of Cres and understand why this island is known as the crown jewel of the Croatian Littoral. 

Vultures and butterflies know where to find the greatest expanses of untouched nature for free flying, what about you?

Excursion to Sveti Blaž

Many consider the beach of Sveti Blaž the most beautiful beach on the island of Cres. We want to know what you think! Join us on the excursion and enjoy the relaxing steady movement of the island’s flora and fauna en route to this special location.

From Kimen Hotel we head along the ancient Roman road to Sveti Salvadur and turn towards the beach of Sveti Blaž, where you will get the chance to truly soak up the beauty and magnificence of this location.

We return along the newly-marked road to the Marian shrine of Sveti Salvadur and then head back to Kimen Hotel.

Trail length:

approx. 12 km

Trail difficulty:

moderately demanding

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Excursion to Valun

Do you want to explore an authentic Cres village, built by fishermen and labourers? Join us on an excursion to Valun – a small, picturesque fishing village located between two pebble beaches, and also the location of an important monument as proof of the rich culture of our ancestors.

From Kimen Hotel we follow the water to the asphalt road leading to Valun. We will first visit the cemetery, which is also the site where the Valun Tablet was discovered – one of the oldest Glagolitic monuments in Croatia, dating back to the 11th century.

You will get the chance to hear all about the culture of this area and the ancient Slavic traditions of feasting at the cemetery.

After that, we arrive to Valun, where you will learn about its rich history. The return journey is possible by van or by boat.

Trail length:

approx. 17 km

Trail difficulty:

very demanding


Return by boat includes lunch and is available at the price of HRK 120 per person.

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Excursion to Pernat - Grabrovica

If you are interested in experiencing the terrain of the island of Cres in more ways than one, joins us on an excursion by van to Pernat – the westernmost village on Cape Pernat.

We continue on foot to the village of Grabrovica and then to Grabrovica Beach.

We return the same way, accompanied by the sound of the sea back to Pernat.

Trail length:

approx. 8 km

Trail difficulty:

moderately demanding

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Napoleonic Path

Thousands of cobbles have been laid down on the ground to build the Napoleonic Path – a road built at the beginning of the 19th century during the short-lived French rule. Walk in the steps of our ancestors and join us on an excursion where you will discover the diversity of the island.

We will walk from Kimen Hotel to Pišće – a unique swamp area that will remind you once again of just how diverse the landscape on this island is.

We will make a short stop here to learn about the significance of water on the island. We will go down the Napoleonic Path to the village of Krčina, after which we will head to Loznati – a small village of just 37 inhabitants, but known far and wide for its excellent lamb.

From Loznati we continue on towards Antonski – a village that was formerly covered in vineyards, after which we go back to the town of Cres.

Trail length:

approx. 12 km

Trail difficulty:


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Excursion to Martinšćica – Lubenice

How to experience the authentic culture of the island of Cres and at the same time enjoy the wonders of wild nature found in this area, all combined into one excursion? Join us on the path to visit Lubenice, passing on our way through Martinšćica.

First, our bus will take us to Martinšćica – a village centred around the church of Sveti Martin with the 16th-century Franciscan monastery and the Sforza castle dating back to the 17th century.

We continue on foot to Vidovići – a small village sitting at an altitude of 280 m. The Cres locals claim that from this location it is possible to see as far as Istria, or even Italy, on days after bora winds.

We continue on our way to Lubenice, where our transfer back awaits us.

Trail length:

approx. 10 km

Trail difficulty:

very demanding

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Merška Pit

Discover and explore one of the most interesting natural phenomena on the island of Cres. Merška Pit is one of the rare, but truly impressive examples of a cover-collapse sinkhole on Cres. The sinkhole is thought to have developed a long time ago with the collapse of a giant underground cavern.

You will be able to witness first hand how steep and rocky its side walls are, and the large volumes of rock debris and stone blocks at the bottom of the sinkhole will give you an idea of the large-scale breaking-off and collapse of rocks that took place in the past.

From Kimen Hotel we head to Bartolomej – an authentic old church that bears witness to the earliest days of life on Cres.

After that, we climb down to Merška Pit. We then head to the village Merag and then the ferry port for our transfer back.

Trail length:

approx. 4 km

Trail difficulty:


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Excursion Tramuntana

You can explore the east part of the island of Cres, also known as Tramuntana, with the help of expert guides. This excursion will take you on a journey down the paths of our ancestors and to the most beautiful locations of this part of Cres.

Our first stop from Kimen Hotel is the picturesque village of Beli. From there, we go down one part of the trail to visit the abandoned village of Frantin, where a school once stood.

Our next stop is the village of Crkveni, after which we head to Konec, aptly named the “end”, as it stands on the very end of the island. Thanks to its location, the village offers a stunning view which will let you see the island in a truly special way.

From Konec we head to the village of Ivanje, after which the trail leads us to the town remnants. The remains of these ancient, authentic Cres houses will best illustrate the culture of the island.

Our next destination is the abandoned village of Žanjevići – another chapter in the history of our ancestors.

We continue along the trail until we reach remnants from an even earlier age and finally head back to Beli.

Trail length:

approx. 20 km

Trail difficulty:

very demanding

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Fun for the youngster

Zabava za najmlađe - Aktivnosti - Kamp Kovačine, Otok Cres -m

You may be seeking some peace and quiet surrounded by magnificent nature, but what about our youngest guests? The guests of Kovačine Camp can benefit from an expert team of entertainers from the FLAPS entertainment club, who will fill your children’s days with laughter and activities. Morning activities include gymnastics and water aerobics, while the afternoon is reserved for games, tournaments, dance workshops and shows. In a natural environment, shaded by pine trees and rich in clean sea air, a great time is guaranteed!

A family experience to last a lifetime.


Rest for the mind and soul

Odmor za dušu i tijelo - Aktivnosti Kamp Kovačine, Otok Cres -m

Reactivate your senses by exposing yourself to the forces of nature, and relax your mind and body in the hands of our professional team. Enjoy a series of therapy services offered by our partners in modern structures by the beach of the camp and start your journey towards true revitalisation. Recuperate your health through sports massages, massage therapies and physical therapies, or choose something from our wide arrange of cosmetic treatments to achieve beauty that starts within and shows on the outside. Therapy services are here to help you make your first step to recovery and a better quality of life, and our advisers are at your service to help you start that journey the right way.

Your body will thank you.



Water sports

Sportovi na vodi - Aktivnosti Kamp Kovačine, Otok Cres -m

What is summer without having fun in the water? Let the atmosphere inspire you and join us on one of the many water sports activities. Out water park is open to persons of all ages, and adrenaline lovers can enjoy parasailing, flyboarding, or crazy UFO, tube and banana rides. If you want to explore the island’s coastline by yourself, rent a boat and discover the most beautiful beaches and hidden coves, or visit Valun from the sea – a nearby picturesque fishing village.

Add a touch of adrenaline to your holiday.

Water sports cres


What lies beneath the surface?

Što se krije isopd površine - Aktivnosti Kamp Kovačine - Otok Cres -m

Dive into the water and explore the hidden beauties of the underwater world of Cres by signing up to diving lessons offered by our partners. The wide array of services includes diving using your own or rented equipment, hiring an expert guide so you don’t miss any of the underwater locations, exploring the Lina ship wreck, and diving along the beach, from a boat or night diving. Our partners offer both beginners and advanced lessons – available to anyone who wants to explore Cres from a completely different perspective.

Feel the rhythm of nature.


Adventure on the open sea

Avantura na pučini - Aktivnosti - Kamp Kovačine, Otok Cres -m

Explore the island from the sea! Join in on a kayak or stand up paddle board tour with an expert guide, hired by our partners Cres Outdoor Centre, to visit the picturesque fishing village Valun or the most beautiful beach on Cres – the beach of Sveti Blaž. It is also possible to visit the grotto Goluber by stand up paddle board, and if you wish to get some wind and salt in your hair, we recommend a motorboat visit to the beach of Sveti Ivan. Don’t let lack of experience stop you from joining in on a kayak or stand up paddle board tour – we offer courses for all beginners.

We wish you fair winds and calm seas .

Cres outdoor center


About us – from our guests’ perspective

Nice quiet and beautiful campsite. Never seen sanitary facility (building 2) so clean on a campsite in the summer period. Good mini supermarket with okay prices. Easy walk to Cres took 20-25 minutes. Fantastic beaches and great snorkelling water. Top class campsite!

Lene Nielsen-Gee

All you need to have good holiday in one place. A nice , clean beach. Along the beach there’s a promenade, going to center of city Cres. You can rent a motor boat, a kayak, a bicycle. You can learn how to dive. Do some shopping, fruits and vegatables or a croissant in the morning. Definitely recommended!

Radosław Bury

Incredible place for your rest. Variaty of accomodation options from tent spot 200m from beach till small houses 10m to water. Couple of restaurants, good supermarket, 2 dog friendly beaches, rent of boats, kayaks, sups. Nice promenade along a beach, pine and olive trees are everywhere. We will definitely visit the place again.

Yan Lobaŭ

All about Kovačine Camp – in one place.

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