7 inspirational reasons for camping on Cres

Would you like to enjoy the pristine nature of this beautiful island, surrounded by its magnificent sea? Would you like to breathe in the intoxicating aromas of its herbs or thick oak forests while feasting your eyes on the steep cliffs offering endless views of wonderful beaches surrounded by turquoise sea? Would you like to sink your toes into the sandy beaches that have been named some of the most beautiful in the world, while magnificent griffon vultures soar through the skies above? Are your feet itching to go? Then head to the perfect spot! The only thing better than vacation is a vacation on Cres!

Cres is the best therapist you will ever have

The enchanting island of Cres has it all, including something unique: the Kovačine campsite. This beautiful campsite is rare for its location – in the shade of olive and pine trees, right next to a gorgeous beach. Romantics at heart will also enjoy the fact that the campsite offers wonderful views of the sunset every night, all the while being surrounded by lush, heavenly beauty. We have 7 reasons for you to visit it:

1. Cres has many secluded beaches

You won’t need to suck in your stomach: most of the beaches on Cres will require some effort to get to, but it will all be worth it: Grabar, Kimen, Valun, Mali Bok, Lubenice, Sv. Blaž – to name only a few of many wonderful beaches to encounter walking along the coast. However, you won’t have to look far to find yourself on one of such beaches. The beautiful and clean Kovačine campsite beach will be just a few steps away.

2. Still under the radar

Although Cres is the largest Croatian island (it shares this title with the island of Krk) and easily accessible to over-worked Europeans, making it one of the favourite vacation spots, it hasn’t fallen victim to mass tourism, which is why it is still an ideal sanctuary, perfect for escaping your daily routine. Step into Kovačine and leave all your worries behind.

3. A heavenly garden for true nature lovers

Kadulja - Salvia Officinalis - Kamp Kovačine, Cres

The island is home to over 1500 different aromas and rare endemic plant species. Some of them are used in exquisite local dishes and pricey creams that promise eternal youth. Take an aromatherapy bath, enjoy diving into the thick forests of oak and chestnut or macchia shrubs, take a stroll through fragrant lavender fields, all the while listening to birds chirping, or watch dolphins jump in and out of the sea around Cres all year long. There is no doubt that Adam and Eve would choose Cres as their favourite, and the official protector of heavenly gardens.

4. A dream destination of an active vacation

You won’t regret leaving the sea for a bit. Get ready for an adventure! Cres boasts a network of over 300km well marked hiking and cycling trails, inviting you to enjoy some physical activity. Hikers will be rewarded with amazing views of Krk, Istria, Rab, Rijeka and the sparkling, crystal-clear sea.
Discover the mystic Tramuntana, employ ancient wisdom to resolve its seven labyrinths, boldly explore the enchanting pathway lined with giant oak and sweet chestnut trees, look through the caves and become friends with some of the tamest sheep and donkeys ever! Oh yes, don’t forget to bring a lot of water should you be stopped along the way by the guardians of the forest, the so-called Macmalići.

5. The final sanctuary of the Magnificent

Look towards the sky and you will quickly notice the silhouettes of these magnificent protected creatures, the griffon vultures, gliding through the clear skies, with wings spanning 3 metres! These charismatic birds are the largest bird species and one of the largest in the world. Visitors to the Kovačine campsite have the perfect opportunity to visit these birds, the symbol of Cres, in their sanctuary located in Beli, unofficially known as “the griffons’ restaurant”.

6. The eighth wonder of the world: Lake Vrana

You’re in luck! The most fascinating source of potable, exquisite quality water in Croatia, also supplying the guests of the Kovačine campsite, is located precisely on Cres! The bottom of the lake is below and its surface above sea level, which makes it a global phenomenon. This giant wonder of nature and source of legends is off limits to visitors, but you can still enjoy views of the lake from the Vrana village.

7. Treat your taste buds

How to be a gastronomy hedonist without acquiring Santa Claus’ physique? After you’re done catching some rays on the beach loungers, drop by and taste some delicious morsels which won’t wreak havoc on your body. Try the exquisite Mediterranean cuisine, seasoned with liquid gold – olive oil from Cres – and local spices, participate in the stew or fish festival, and when you’re offered some Cres lamb, take the opportunity and enjoy this amazing dish paired with home-grown potatoes and other wonderful side-dishes. Take a bite of everything Cres has to offer. And don’t worry. What happens on Cres, stays on Cres!

The only side-effect of visiting will be the desire to come back. ☺