Spring break in a green seaside oasis

You’ve had enough of warm gloves and coats? Can’t wait for camping season?
No need to wait for summer! Once winter hibernation comes to an end, we all
prepare for an exciting spring camping time in a lush green seaside oasis!

It may seem that pitching tents and setting up hammocks is a summer pastime.
Let’s break the stigma that camping is reserved only for summer! Store away
your winter clothes and get ready for spring break on Cres!

Advantages of spring-time camping

You will find that camping in has many advantages: there are no crowds in
April and May so you won’t have any trouble reserving the perfect pitch or
mobile home; insects are still dormant; prices are lower; there’s no waiting
time in restaurants and you can even choose the table for your feast; you can
enjoy the peace and quiet of the Kovačine camp – all of this at pleasant spring

The atmosphere is genuinely perfect: as nature wakes and paints the
surroundings in stunning colours with its crisp and gentle touch, there is an air
of peace, and the playful chirps of the small birds add a little something extra.

You will fall in love with miles of gorgeous beaches just waiting for you to give
them a try, and cycling, hiking or fitness and other sports activities at the
Kovačine camp are much more pleasant when the weather is mild.

Gym, Kovačine camp, Cres

Gym, Kovačine camp, Cres

The hint of summer

April and May offer you a hint of summer as the weather on Cres is perfect for
sunny walks around the old town, along the coast of the island and through its
lush forests. Our more adventurous guests can opt for a dip in the sea, as the
temperature reaches around 19°C, and come May, you should already be using

In springtime, Cres is already in full bloom, and you can immerse yourself in its
beauty without the annoying summer crowds. How can we forget the favourite
Croatian pastime – casual coffee breaks at the sun-kissed terraces of the Kovačine camp. If you are up for an adventure instead, you can always go on the hunt for delicious wild asparagus!

Terrace of the Lanterna café, Kovačine camp, Cres

Terrace of the Lanterna café, Kovačine camp, Cres

Challenges of spring-time camping

Camping in springtime still has its challenges.

The biggest one? The unpredictable weather changes. Bora winds can
certainly bring a cold front, but when there is no wind you can definitely reach
for the sunscreen!

You should also be prepared for cooler mornings and nights. It’s important to
pack layers when you go camping in spring, so you can add or remove them as
the temperatures change.

Last, but not least: you need to be prepared for some rain (although, we have
to admit it’s very rare on Cres) and pack some tarps, rain boots, towels and dry
bags to make sure you keep dry.

Waterproof sleeping bags: You can’t go wrong with a sleeping bag rated for
15°C when you go camping in spring. You should definitely protect your
sleeping bag against coming into contact with water by placing an isolated mat
between the bag and the ground.

Also make sure to protect your electronic equipment from rain by placing it in
a dry bag or waterproof containers.

Springtime equipment check-list

This advice will help you with packing and ensuring your comfort so you can
get ready for the ideal outdoor springtime adventure!

If you are planning for a springtime camping break, you should have in mind
some items which you wouldn’t normally consider for a summer vacation:

Blankets: make your mornings and nights even more comfortable by packing
your favourite blanket.

Sleeping mat: pack a sleeping mat for some added comfort in your tent and for
isolation from the cool ground.

Extra layers: pack some extra socks and forget about cotton. Opt for woolly
and synthetic layers as they will keep you warm and dry quickly. Should you
have a craving for some summer and late summer heat, you can always visit
our Finnish and infra-red saunas!

Equipment for cooking at the camp: pots, pans, plates, cutlery. Should you
forget anything, our camp store is always at your disposal. And if you don’t feel
like cooking, you can always find a delicious meal at our pizzeria!

Tarp: probably the most useful item for spring-time camping. Versatile and

Warm beverage bottles: wrap yourself up in a blanket and enjoy a warm apple
and cinnamon tea, sipping it casually while watching the sunset! Of course, you
can always opt for a warm cup of coffee or a hot chocolate at the Lanterna café
in Kovačine camp, served by our friendly staff, always at your disposal.

Twinkling lights: put the cherry on top of this sundae by opting for some
ambient lighting.

Perfect vacation tailored to your wishes

All activities you can enjoy at the camp in summer, are also available to you
during the spring months – there is one big difference, though: as there are no crowds, it will be much easier to plan which of them you want to partake in
and when. Everything is perfectly tailored to you and your wishes!

You will have the perfect vacation with zero strife or stress, and everything
tailored to your wishes. Exciting activities, relaxing at the beach, enjoying
culinary delights, the peace and quiet, bird songs, fragrances and colours of
spring – only some of the benefits of a springtime vacation.

Now you know all of the advantages of a spring break. All there’s left to do is to
reserve the dates for your perfect vacation, get ready to relax and unwind, and
– get going!

The Kovačine camp is waiting for you!

The perfect spring break, Kovačine camp, Cres

The perfect spring break, Kovačine camp, Cres