New luxury wellness at the Kovačine campsite

We are living in a time when people are constantly looking for new ways to improve their mental, physical, and spiritual health in all aspects of life, and the so-called wellness tourism is thus becoming increasingly popular.

The Kovačine campsite is a true spa resort and an ideal wellness tourism destination offering a wide range of relaxation and mind and body regeneration experiences:


Two new sauna types and a new playroom

Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in a peaceful world of relaxation in our new Finnish and infrared sauna!

Experts who had monitored the health of two thousand middle-aged sauna users for twenty years discovered that sauna use strengthens the heart, relieves depression by promoting the release of endorphins, enhances the skin, eases breathing in asthma patients, and relieves itching in psoriasis patients.

Come visit our new saunas and stimulate healing processes in your body, leaving everyday stress far behind!

But that’s not all! Our new children’s playroom is located right next to the sauna. The playroom has soft beanbags for your children to enjoy while playing the latest PlayStation games and colouring in their favourite colouring books, offering you the opportunity to rid your body of toxins in our saunas with a peace of mind.

Roofed children’s playground, Kovačine campsite, Cres
Roofed children’s playground, Kovačine campsite, Cres
Choose your favourite massage

Let our masseurs and therapists fill you with magical feelings in our roofed massage area for relaxation boasting a beautiful view of the sea and pristine nature. Check out our rich offer and choose your favourite body massage! Our offer includes relax massages, classic massages, sports massages, anti-stress massages, lymphatic drainage, and hand and foot care treatments (manicures and pedicures), as well as physical therapy sessions with a professional therapist.

The mobile masseur, Kovačine campsite, Cres
The mobile masseur, Kovačine campsite, Cres

Heal your body with yoga and pilates

Yoga and pilates are the most popular forms of exercise in the world and both have seen a surge in popularity in recent years. What could be better than a combination of a relaxing holiday and intensive yoga and pilates sessions held by experienced instructors? The Kovačine campsite offers you the opportunity to enjoy this combination of luxury and adventure.

Enjoy our indoor and outdoor fitness activities

If you feel that the time has finally come and that you are already slightly ashamed of the constant “I’ll do it tomorrow for real” promise, the Kovačine campsite is an ideal destination to get in shape while on holiday. Visit us and enjoy some of our countless outdoor or indoor fitness activities!

Indoor fitness, Kovačine campsite, Cres

Indoor fitness, Kovačine campsite, Cres

Cycling and jogging

We have roads, paths, and bicycles for rent – immerse yourself in nature and go on an exercise cruise in our tame wilderness, explore the natural wonders of the area on foot or by bicycle, and enjoy the search for therapeutic nature. Your body will thank you!

Healthy eating with Duo Acoustic on our new platform

The mesmerizing Kovačine campsite boasts a great place for a good meal in its centre, offering a large selection of fillets, incredibly soft beef cheeks, and a view of the sea. And right next to it (make a reservation every Tuesday and Thursday), something even better! Take your seat at sunset in the best position between the sea and the speakers – our famous grill fest will begin soon! Raise your hand is you would like to enjoy fresh fish – or go for ćevapi with onions.

Meditation on the new paved sea-side patio

Transcend your body with a natural and easy deep relaxation technique that eliminates deep-rooted stresses from the body, and starting this year you can also do this on the new sea-side patio, which is paved with stones. You will no longer be bothered by the pebbles beneath your levitating sunlit body as you try to balance all 4 elements within you. From now on, you will find your perfect position in no time!

And we are at your service in the blink of an eye to make your Wellbeing perfect!

<p>Meditation at Kovačine campsite, Cres</p>

Meditation at Kovačine campsite, Cres