It’s finally time for a detox!

Congratulations, another long, cold, and tedious winter full of work-related stress is behind you! We often tend to downplay the physical effects of work-related stress, but they are very real. In stressful situations, the body secretes hormones such as cortisol, and constant stress causes toxins to accumulate in the body, thus affecting us in a number of ways. Chronic fatigue and headaches are just some of the symptoms. But here’s some good news – on 31 March 2023, the Kovačine campsite, the ideal place for your detox, is finally opening its doors!

This blog reveals the steps of our mind and body detox and why the island of Cres is the best place for such a detox:

Drink lots of water – our water is natural and comes from Vrana Lake!
The human body is 70% water, and water helps remove toxins from the body. Our body fluids are like a continuously flowing river. If we don’t drink lots of fluids, stress hormones and toxins start to accumulate in our bodies. Therefore, you should be drinking at least 5 glasses of Vrana Lake water per day! Not only is the water at the Kovačine campsite potable, but it comes from the completely pure and natural Vrana Lake (a protected gem only 16 km from the campsite)!

Vransko jezero, Cres

Vrana Lake, Cres

Eat unprocessed food – there is plenty of it on Cres!

Eating nutritionally complete and organic foods is a great way to detox from work-related stress. Cres is the perfect place to enjoy nutritionally complete and unprocessed snacks that will improve your sleep, raise your energy levels, and help your digestion. There are no environmental pollutants on Cres, but there is a plethora of medicinal plants growing on the island. Visit one of the island farmers and get some alluring and healthy fruits or vegetables!

Eat some healthy omega-3 fats from the bountiful Adriatic Sea!

Consuming omega-3 acids daily greatly contributes to keeping you healthy. Omega-3 acids are essential, but our bodies cannot produce them on their own. So why not include them at the Kovačine detox? Go for a swim in the Adriatic Sea – home to sardines, mackerels, tunas, and Mr. Krabs – and enjoy our seafood delicacies with the golden green organic olive oil from the Kovačine campsite made from olives that grow right here in the campsite, on our magnificent olive trees providing you with pleasant shade! Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Maslinovo ulje Kovačine, kamp Kovačine, Cres

Kovačine olive oil, Kovačine campsite, Cres

Let’s meditate at the Kovačine campsite beach while enjoying the sunset

Stress makes our cells age faster. Take a look at how our president’s hair colour that has changed during his presidency. What do you see? Scientists have discovered that meditation can help control stress levels and lengthen the DNA end caps that protect our chromosomes. Just 12 minutes of daily meditation can help rejuvenate your cells and make you significantly more vibrant. At the Kovačine campsite beach offering a beautiful view of the sunset, meditation will be nothing but pure enjoyment.

Pogled na zalazak sunca, kamp Kovačine, Cres

View of the sunset, Kovačine campsite, Cres

Take a deep breath of our nutritious aerosol-rich air

Our breathing is deeply connected to our stress levels. The faster and shallower we breathe, the more stressed we are. The slower we breathe, the calmer we are. Calming the mind starts with deep breathing, which relaxes your muscles, oxygenates your cells, and starts the detoxification process.

The air at the Kovačine campsite is rich in microdroplets of sea water containing minerals such as magnesium, manganese, and cobalt. Salt particles in the air are rich in hydrogen anions and trace minerals, and they penetrate into the deepest parts of the lung alveoli, which makes it easier for us to absorb oxygen and strengthen our natural immunity.


Daily exercise boosts neurotransmitters (“feel good” endorphins), improves our sleep, and distracts us from worries. At the Kovačine campsite, you can do yoga, water or beach aerobics, go swimming, work out, go cycling, and enjoy countless other outdoor activities to improve your mood, calm your mind, and increase your energy levels. Include 45 minutes of exercise in your detoxification plan at the Kovačine campsite!

Animacija Kovačine, jutarnja gimnastika, kamp Kovačine, Cres

Kovačine animation, morning exercise, Kovačine campsite, Cres

Listen to the waves

Have you ever noticed that listening to the melody of recorded waves in a doctor’s waiting room, in elevators, or at home before bed has a soothing effect? Studies have shown that 30 minutes of listening to the waves has the same effect as taking Valium. As the waves come in, break, and then recede again, the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, which slows down the brain and helps you relax. At the Kovačine campsite, this stress reliever is completely free, and it also helps regulate your blood pressure and heart rate. Why not make your own wave recording to take home with you as well?

Slušanje valova, plaža kampa Kovačine, Cres

Listening to the waves, Kovačine campsite beach, Cres

Let’s get right down to the first step – book your stay at the Kovačine campsite and get a break while enjoying our spring flower buds, swallows, sun, sea, and olives. We are looking forward to hosting you!

Vidimo se u kampu Kovačine, Cres

See you at the Kovačine campsite on Cres!