Cosy Autumn Camping

If the Sun itself could take a selfie, it would pick the autumnal ambiance of Kovačine Camp as the ideal setting.

In fact, autumn is the perfect time to enjoy Cres and Kovačine Camp – the crowds are a thing of the past, the nature is simply breathtaking and the harvest feast is ready to be served!

Nature’s Vibrant Transformation

The fascinating natural metamorphosis, juicy olives, fragrant pine trees and marvellous colours are a real autumn treat, so if you happen to find yourself amidst the nature of Kovačine Camp this time of year, fun is guaranteed! Also, don’t forget to visit the beach at the end of the day to experience the perfect sunset, which captures the entire picturesque ambiance of Kovačine Camp and the island of Cres.

Magical colours of autumn – Kovačine Camp, Cres

Magical colours of autumn – Kovačine Camp, Cres

Say Goodbye to Crowds

Busy traffic, noise, packed shops and restaurants, pushing your way through dense crowds – all of these are a thing of the past. Take your pick of an abundant offer of great pitches, the best tables with a sea view and visit your favourite shops without having to queue – the staff is just waiting to serve you.

Lower Prices

Other advantages of camping in autumn include a significant price drop compared to summertime and the availability of accommodation. Even if you don’t book in advance, you can pick your pitch or mobile home on the spot – no muss, no fuss!

Peace and Quiet

Autumn is the season of finding your inner peace and appreciating what you have. As the crowds grow sparse, nature walks become a silent refuge where you can finally experience the various sounds of the outdoors. What’s more, with some clever planning, you still have the time to enjoy many a clear starry sky all throughout autumn.

Autumn is the season of finding your inner peace – Kovačine Camp, Cres

Autumn is the season of finding your inner peace – Kovačine Camp, Cres

Temperate Climate

Finally, some breathing space – both metaphorically and literally, as the diminishing crowds also come with lower temperatures, meaning no more scorching heat, sunburns or desperate searches for shade. Discard your sunscreen and embrace the gentle autumn sunshine beckoning you to enjoy your favourite outdoor activities all day long without breaking a sweat.

Hiking and Cycling

Staying at Kovačine Camp in autumn, you have the perfect opportunity to indulge your passion for cycling and hiking, as the weather is ideal for outdoor adventures. So, hit the road and discover the variety of hiking trails and cycling routes winding all around Cres.

Promenade from Kovačine Camp to the town of Cres – Kovačine Camp, Cres

Promenade from Kovačine Camp to the town of Cres – Kovačine Camp, Cres

Cosy Indoors

Although there are many reasons to get excited about camping in autumn, this season also brings about some challenges that are rare in summertime – namely, you might want to plan ahead for bad weather and shorter days. On the bright side, these could be the perfect prelude to a night of romantic cuddles with your loved one under a warm blanket while you listen to the calming sounds of raindrops or the rustling of colourful autumnal leaves.

Sauna Bathing in Autumn

If you happen to miss a bit of that summer heat, we’ve got you covered in Kovačine Camp, as you can always warm up in our Finnish and infrared saunas! This autumn, treat yourself to a daily rejuvenating routine in Kovačine Camp which will boost your immunity and improve your mood because sauna bathing releases endorphins – the happy hormones!

Don’t Forget the Equipment

In autumn, you will mostly need the same camping equipment as in summer. However, there are a few items which will especially come in handy this time of year. Here is our list of indispensable equipment for camping in autumn:

  • Tent with plenty of interior space (in case you are stuck inside due to rain or if you want to hang out after dark) and a waterproof tarp Floor mat for tents
  • Thick sleeping bag with extra pads you can insert for more warmth
  • Additional flannel or fleece blankets, puffy blankets or blanket ponchos – you never know what might come in handy
  • Camping stove with decent wind protection
  • Camping seat pads to warm you up during meals and hangouts
  • Finally, a set of fairy lights to complete the camping ambiance!

End your hot summer adventure with an autumn trip in an enchanting environment and treat yourself to magical days in nature’s embrace, all against the orange sunset backdrop in Kovačine Camp, which is the romantic spot to be this time of year!

Autumn sunset – Kovačine Camp, Cres

Autumn sunset – Kovačine Camp, Cres