> Kamp je otvoren do 20.10.2021. <


Kamp Kovačine ponosni je vlasnik Ecocamping certifikata koji pokazuje da se kamp zalaže za okoliš i kvalitetu te promiče održivi kamping turizam.


Zalažemo se za veću održivost u turizmu kampiranja! Kao rezultat toga primili smo certifikat ECOCAMPING.
Više informacija o ECOCAMPINGU možete naći na sljedećem linku: www.ecocamping.net


ECOCAMPING e.V. helps campsites on the path to becoming more sustainable. The campsite is visited and its operation carefully examined. Individual measures for improvement are planned and form the basis for operational developments over the next few years. Additional requirements, such as the education and participation of employees, recording waste, energy and water consumption, and the creation of an ECOCAMPING report are integral parts of this project.

However, you can also help environment and climate protection! Camping holidays have a better ecological and CO2 balance than travelling abroad and overnight hotel stays. You can help improve this balance further and increase your travel funds at the same time. A few tips:

  • Regional and seasonal products provide a more authentic holiday flavour and shorten transport routes
  • Heat and cook using gas instead of electricity
  • Handle hot water with care – it contains a lot of energy
  • Turn off the heating and air conditioning when you leave the site, or leave the windows open for longer
  • Make use of local recycling facilities – your hosts will be thankful
  • Do not flush sanitary items down your camping toilet, or use only flushable sanitary products featuring the Blue Angel ecolabel
  • Dispose of waste water in the sinks provided
  • Use a bike or public transport to travel around local areas
  • Help to protect the environment by following the guidelines in protected areas
  • Support climate protection projects by considering the amount of CO2 emitted during your outbound and return journey


And last but not least: Enjoy your holiday!